Living cultural heritage

A journey into past times - art, architecture and numerous events will take you on a cultural voyage of discovery.

Guarda is a wonderful hideaway to retreat to, but also an ideal starting point to be curious. Stroll through the village and get to know living Romansh culture in the small studios of the artisans. Or enjoy a guided tour of the village and learn about the home of Schellen-Ursli, the historic houses, traditions, and customs. In addition, do not miss the entire National Park region with its cultural sights and time-honored settings. Here are some suggestions for you:


Prudent. Cultural. Natural.

With about 700 inhabitants, Müstair is the largest village in the Val Müstair and home to the UNESCO World Heritage monastery of St. Johann. In the monastery of Müstair, Benedictine everyday life, cultural cultivation, art and research meet.

Tarasp Castle, Scuol

discover one of the most imposing castles in Graubünden

As a landmark of the lower Engadin, the castle, built in 1040, majestically overlooks the region. You can visit it during a guided tour.

Castle ruins Steinsberg Ardez

Enthroned on a rocky hill

The ruins of Steinsberg Castle with the remains of the St. Lucius Chapel are enthroned as a landmark of Ardez, on a mighty rocky hill at the edge of the village and is a popular vantage point. The castle ruins are always freely accessible.

Muzeum Susch

exploring contemporary art in a medieval monastery complex.

A place for the discursive and exploratory nature of art in the tradition of the art gallery as a field of experimentation. Founded by Grażyna Kulczyk, it is specifically characterized by a deep understanding of the position of women artists and is committed to the search for matrilineal connections in art and the emotional understanding of often excluded, overlooked or misinterpreted positions.

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