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Since the summer of 2021, Guarda, together with its neighboring villages of Ardez and Lavin, has belonged to the cooperation “Mountain Villages”. The label stands for alpine villages with nature-oriented and sustainable tourism in charming alpine surroundings, whose greatest potentials lie in their originality, tradition, and culture.

Our company also attaches great importance to sustainable implementation in all work processes. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly measures, such as room cleaning only on request in the Meisser Lodge, is only one aspect of many. In all houses applies the principle “dirty laundry on the floor», which saves many unnecessary washing cycles and thus contributes to a more conscious use of our washing machines.

Not only does our housekeeping staff use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies, mild and prudent cleaning mixtures are also used in the service area and in the kitchen.

In the restaurant area, an enormous amount of energy waste can be saved due to our measures. Washable, reusable cloth napkins, easily degradable paper straws and unpackaged "Guetzlis" with coffee are just a few examples that represent a major step towards effective and ongoing environmental protection.

Guarda itself, an idyllic little village in the middle of nature, could not be a better example of a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to our living space. The village is mostly car-free, only people wo lives here, and hotel guests are allowed mobile access to the village. It is the perfect starting point for numerous activities in nature, be it hiking, biking or horseback riding in summer, snowshoeing, sledding or cross-country skiing in winter. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

In order to promote and support the initiative "travel more by bus and train", our resort, in cooperation with the Engadin Tourism Association, will offer free guest cards with included discounts for public transport from 2022. This is intended to encourage guests to travel in a more environmentally conscious way and to travel more sustainably in their vacation.

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