The Schellen-Ursli from Guarda

A village full of history, tradition, and customs.

Schellenursli is the famous children's story by author Selina Chönz and illustrated by Alois Carigiet. The book was first published in 1945 and is one of the most famous picture books in Switzerland. To this day it has sold millions of copies, and has been translated into 8 languages and Braille.

The customs 

Everything revolves around the ancient custom, the Chalandamarz (chalanda = first). It dates to the time when the Romans occupied what was then Rhaetia. At that time Chalandamarz marked the beginning of the year and served to drive away the evil spirits. Today, on March 1st, the children parade through the village singing and ringing their bells to drive away the winter.


February 28th (29th)
from 20.00 p.m. children's party in the schoolhouse.

The "Ballet" da Chalandamarz is organized by the children of the village. A festival with traditional Engadin music, singing and bell ringing. The whole village celebrates with them. On this evening there is singing and dancing until late at night.

March 1:
1.00 p.m. big parade of the school children.
Start at the Meisser Lodge.

The girls wear the festive Engadin Sunday costume. The boys run into every house, around every village fountain and ring out the winter with the bells. Together they sing Romansh spring songs. As a spectator you are welcome to accompany the children through the village.


One day before Chalandamarz, the bell-ringer Ursli and the other boys from the village visit Uncle Gian, who gives them each a bell. With these the winter spirits should be driven away. But, oh my, Ursli gets the smallest bell and everyone laughs at him. He decides to trudge through the deep snow to his family's alpine hut. There hangs a big bell, which he wants to get for the procession.

Schellen-Ursli Trail

Adventurous family hike, which starts in front of our house. The Schellen-Ursli path leads over the hill and dale to the Schellenursli hut, past the idyllic lake Lajet, over streams, meadows and forests. There is no boredom, as there are many games to discover along the way. The hike is passable in summer and winter. 

Length: 3 km - Height difference: 248 m - Time: approx. 1h 30 min

Schellen-Ursli The Movie

In 2015, the famous story was filmed in our region. Here is the trailer of the film! We have compiled a booklet for you with varied hikes to the filming locations in the lower Engadin.

The Museum

In the Schellenursli-Museum opposite the Hotel Meisser you get an insight into Schellen-Ursli's history.

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