Bike Tips

Become a hero on two wheels in the middle of alpine nature

The Engadin and the wildly romantic side valleys can be ideally explored by bike. Tip: The Rhaetian Railway takes you comfortably to your starting point or, if you wish, to your destination.

Around Guarda
  • Hotel Meisser - Ardez - Ftan - Scuol
  • Hotel Meisser - Lavin - Susch - Zernez
  • Hotel Meisser - Alp Zeznina - Lavin - Guarda
  • Hotel Meisser - Ardez - Sur En - Lavin - Guarda
  • Hotel Meisser - Bos-cha - Munt - Ardez - Guarda
Side valleys
  • Hotel Meisser - Ftan - Alp Laret - Ftan - Guarda
  • Hotel Meisser - Ftan - Scuol - Val S-charl - Scuol - Ftan - Guarda
  • Hotel Meisser - Lavin - Alp d'Immez - Lavin - Guarda
  • Hotel Meisser - Alp Suot - Chamanna Tuoi (SAC hut) - Guarda
  • Hotel Meisser - Bos-cha - Val Tasna - Bos-cha - Guarda
Inn cycle path

The Rhaetian Railway will take you to the upper Engadin, to the desired starting point for your bike tour. A leisurely ride along the river Inn to Guarda, or even further.

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Our opening times

After a beautiful and successful winter, we have been arrived in a quieter time of the year.

We allow ourselves a little break to start the winter season with a lot of new energy.

Our entire Resort is closed from Tuesday, 2nd of April 2024. 

We open again for the summer saison on Sunday, 5th of May 2024! 


During this time we are happy to be available for you via email.

You already planed your holiday in this time? Our flats are available the whole year! 

Meisser Resort Guarda
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