Post Covid Recovery

Breathing Therapy

Do you suffer from long covid or have you had a moderate to severe course of illness?
and are looking for recovery in the fresh mountain air? 

Covid recovery is offered exclusively in the picturesque mountain village of Guarda.
Daily breathing therapy and gentle exercise promote your recovery.

We show you new ways of breathing
and its connections with our health and well-being. 

Christina Koller is a recognised respiratory therapist for health insurance companies.
(please clarify this directly with your insurance company in advance).


Breathing reacts sensitively and directly to psychological and physical changes.
Although it runs continuously and involuntarily, it is also the only bodily function that
can be controlled voluntarily, that can be controlled voluntarily.

There are mechanical and nervous interactions between the respiratory movement
and numerous body organs and their functions.

The breathing movement influences the heart function, the blood circulation, the oxygen supply,
the carbon dioxide level and thus the metabolism.

In the central nervous system, breathing influences the consciousness processes
of the human being and thus his or her sensory and emotional life.


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