Time out for yourself

In cooperation with Bella Vista

Manicures, haircuts, hair colouring and stylings, ...
Let take care of you during your stay and enjoy our beauty treatments.

In cooperation with Seraina Zeller, trained hairdresser EFZ
with several additional training in the cosmetic area, we offer various treatments.

Let yourself be pampered in the hairdressing salon at the Meisser Resort. 
The treatments can also be booked directly in your room / holiday apartment.
Wellness on site - simple, uncomplicated and professional!

Haircut, blow-dry and styling (including hair wash + CHF 15.00)

Hard cut children
CHF 40.00
Haircut Man
CHF 50.00
Haircut woman (short)
CHF 65.00
Haircut woman (medium)
CHF 75.00
Haircut woman (long)
CHF 90.00
Blow-drying and styling (short/medium)
CHF 60.00
Blow-drying and styling (long)
CHF 70.00
"Updo" hairstyle
CHF 110.00

Hair dye - Colour techniques (on pre-order)

Approach hair colour
CHF 60.00
Recolouration hair
CHF 80.00
CHF 120.00
CHF 130.00


Classic Manicure with nail polish
CHF 60.00
French Manicure with nail polish
CHF 75.00

Eyebrows & Eyelashes

Eyebrow plucking
CHF 15.00
Eyebrow colouring
CHF 20.00
Dye eyelashes
CHF 30.00

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Our opening times

After a beautiful and successful summer, we have been arrived in a quieter time of the year.

We allow ourselves a little break to start the winter season with a lot of new energy.

Our entire resort is closed from November, 13st 2022 until December 15th, 2022

We open again on Friday, 16th of December 2022! 

You already planed your holiday in this time? Our flats are available the whole year! 

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