Typical Hotel Meisser

It is very dear to us

Our heritage

To live in this place is a privilege!
To make guests happy in this place, a blessing!
To deal with our heritage, a challenge!
To carry on the tradition and the history, a life task!
This means for us inspiration and vision at the same time.

Our way

We love the quiet scenery of beautiful details and love to follow our intuition.
Focused on what nature gives us.
Reduced to what feels good.

At Hotel Meisser we cultivate an obliging service,
attentive and open to personal needs, including allergies or intolerances.
We stand for an excellent authentic cuisine  with food that also deserves this name.

Our attitude

Our life is inextricably linked to the Engadin landscape. The careful use of the environment and resources is important to us. Wherever possible, we avoid, reduce, and compensate so that future generations can also enjoy a diverse, intact nature. Here are a few examples:

Environmentally friendly cleaning in the hotel

We clean our rooms with environmentally friendly cleaning agents, which are environmentally friendly and ecologically degradable.

Linen change in the hotel

We change towels and bed linen only if needed. Due to the multiple use, we use less energy and water. 

Room cleaning

We offer our guests to cancel room cleaning during their hotel stay or to use it only every other day.

Recycling and waste avoidance in the hotel

We carefully separate our waste in the hotel. We make a conscious effort to produce as little packaging waste as possible.

Regional and seasonal purchasing

We buy food for the hotel whenever possible, seasonally, and regionally.
Food waste is an important issue for us!

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