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Divine cultural exchange

“One of the best restaurants in Guarda”. “Most beautiful veranda in the Engadin”. “Leading house in the region”. Benno Meisser and his kitchen staff are delighted by such distinctive responses, yet they are not consciously reaching for the award prize of haute cuisine stars. However, as a member of “Gilde established Swiss Gastronomy,” quality and creativity are definitely the standard and the norm.

Regional products

The kitchen at the Hotel Meisser gets things right. They value honest, wholesome ingredients, and seasonal choices. They care about a respectful relationship with food, filling their baskets with regional products and enriching their dishes with herbs and indigenous flowers of Guarda. Quality products and cooperation with the region's suppliers are of utmost interest and concern to the hotel.

Culinary inheritance

We respect and appreciate the classic farm dishes from Graubünden. In their original and great varieties, expressions in German, Romantsch and Italian are ever so present deriving from our three language regions. Dare you ask the chef about his favored dish, and you will receive a delicious answer:
“The salmon, smoked with wood from vines in Graubünden and served on a dill sauce with delicious bread from right here”. Typical and famous of Graubünden, is the barley soup, the well known flour dumplings dish- Pizokels, Capuns, Maluns, - and air- dried beef and cheeses from the Engadin region.
Of course, our kitchen staff is always looking further and beyond, therefore interpreting traditional recipes with a new twist and presenting them with a modern flair, accompanied by exquisite wines.

Hotel Meisser

Family Benno Meisser - Aebli
Dorfstrasse 42 · 7545 Guarda
T: +41 (0) 81 862 21 32
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