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Once upon a begins our family history, over 120 years ago in the Hotel Sternen in Chur, where a teacher by the name of Andreas Meisser sat at a table and spent hours chatting and philosophizing. There he met his future wife, Barbla Barth. She was from Guarda and training as a midwife in Chur. She earned a little bit of money by waitressing. After completion of her training she returned to her parental home, “ the Hotel Sun” in Guarda. Andreas Meisser followed her and they were married.

In the year....


They took the opportunity to buy the Chasa Meni, a house previously owned by the Planta family, built in 1645 (today the Hotel Meisser).
In doing so, they laid the foundation stone of our 120 year old family history.
The young married couple set up 15 beds and on June 15th 1893, the first visitor arrived, followed by distinguished clientele from both near and far.


The first memorable renovation was started, the “tablà” (hay stable), was converted into the dining room. The beautiful stucco ceiling, still preserved today, exemplifies the late farming “art nouveau” style. After the passing of the Barth parents, “The Sun” came into possession of the Meisser family. Barbla gave Andreas three children, Andreas, Phillipine and Pepina. Son Andreas married wife Wilhelmine, and together they continued to operate the hotel.


After some rather difficult years, the hotel's fortune improved again and numerous guests arrived to stay. Wilhelmine and Andreas Meisser also became parents of three children: Andrew, Pepina and Rudolf.


Rudolf took over the hotel and married Pauline Willy, the daughter of a farmer.
Pauline and Rudolf, the third generation, invested a fortune into their hotel. Rooms were equipped with running hot and cold water, a bathroom on every floor and modern central heating systems were installed in order to accommodate guests right into fall season.


Followed a further step by glazing the south veranda with what was at the time a revolutionary type of retractable window, revealing an extraordinary panoramic view. During WWII Rudolf and Pauline practiced agriculture in a more aggressive way and made it through the war, living self sufficiently, although the hotel nearly went under.


Rudolf Meisser bought the Hotel Bellevue in Davos-village, where after reconstruction, the Private-Hotel-Meisser arose. Now the family operated hotels in two locations, one during winter, the other during summer seasons. At the summer hotel in Guarda, the original rooms received showers or baths. Pauline and Rudolf had two children, Silvia and Ralf. Ralf continued to work in the hotel business. He learned to be a cook, attended the Hotel Management School in Lausanne and traveled around the world, working and collecting professional and life experiences.


Ralf took over the family business and married Kathrin Schwarzenbach in 1967, followed by two children, Benno and Sandra. Together the couple started an intensive time of modernizing both hotels in Guarda and Davos.


The family Meisser bought an apartment in Davos. Ralf Meisser's fine cuisine advanced itself to a well-liked meeting place for gourmands.


Ralf and Katherine Meisser bought and renovated the “Chasa Pepina”. The old chambers were transformed into exclusive suites. In the back of the house they built staff rooms and in the basement they created the “Parsepan”.


Son Benno returned to Guarda and helped his parents in the business after he finished an apprenticeship learning to be a cook, received a diploma from the school of gastronomy in Thun and collected experiences in Switzerland and abroad.


The Hotel in Davos was sold. Benno initiated the year-round operation at the hotel in Guarda.


Maya Aebli joined the hotel team as an employee and married Benno Meisser in the year 2008. Shortly thereafter, Alessia was born, followed by brother Lars Noel, almost on Christmas day, 2010.


Another milestone was set: with lots of love for details and intensive renovations, all rooms in the main part of the hotel received new and up to date faces.
Everything else remained the same.
We keep our guests in our hearts with a warm welcome.

Hotel Meisser

Family Benno Meisser - Aebli
Dorfstrasse 42 · 7545 Guarda
T: +41 (0) 81 862 21 32
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