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Swiss National Park Adeventure

Become a discoverer, awaken your senses! Open eyes, ears and sensitive nose guarantes you intensive impressions in our strictly protected wilderness of the Swiss National Park. Numerous bird species, ibex, mountain chamois, deer, bearded vultures and marmots are at home here . Under the motto of “protect – research – inform,” you will receive information and insights into the interaction of animals and plants, existing and flourishing in a natural surrounding, free from human interference.

Understanding nature

Why don't you become part of the adventure of the Swiss National Park by choosing what is of your outmost interest: 21 routes and 80 km of hiking paths are awaiting open-minded nature lovers. You may compliment it with a guided tour, nature learning paths, presentations and digital apps.

Know and experience

We urge you to also stop at the park center located in Zernez. The building designed by the architect Valerio Oligati appears substantial through its straight aestheticism and its unusual concept of “space within space”. Constructed with a light-insulating concrete, it opens exciting and challenging discussions between architecture and nature, between old and new. Four different rooms show various aspects of the National Park and stimulate the mind to ask questions of scientific facts, philosophical queries and mystical elements.

Of course, at Hotel Meisser we offer pre-arranged and custom-tailored, all inclusive packages during the time most desired:
In June, the wonders of alpine flora and the second part of September during rutting season.

Hotel Meisser

Family Benno Meisser - Aebli
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